By Matt Osborne


There's nothing quite like the excitement of embarking on a grand adventure with a brand new bike design. Meet the Rambler, a bike we've been tirelessly working on to ensure it thrives in every terrain it encounters. With the World Championships in Woolongong beckoning, I decided to put this beast to the test and ride from Melbourne to Albury, traversing the breathtaking Great Victorian Rail Trail.

The Setup

The ride along the Great Victorian Rail Trail was a mesmerizing blend of nature's beauty and the raw charm of the Australian countryside. The All-Road handled the varied terrain with ease, showcasing its versatility. With 50% of the route being smooth roads and the other 50% light gravel trails, the Rambler proved it could handle it all.

Day 1 - Melbourne > Mansfield

The rail trail, renowned for its gnarliest gravel sections, provided the ultimate challenge, but the All-Road was undeterred, gliding over the rough terrain without a hitch. Paired with my ENVE SES 4.5 wheels fitted with 32mm slick tires, the bike's performance was impeccable, providing stability and control throughout the journey.

As the sun began to set, I arrived in Mansfield after conquering 150 kilometers of the trail. It was time to rest and recharge for the next leg of the adventure. Mansfield's charm and hospitality provided the perfect respite for the night, ensuring I was ready to hit the road again the next day.

Day 2 - Mansfield>Albury

Day two saw me pedaling through old farm roads and serene sealed backroads on my way to Albury. The All-Road continued to shine, gliding effortlessly through the changing landscapes. The joy of exploration was heightened by the knowledge that the World Championships awaited me in Woolongong.

Arriving in Albury late in the day, I was met by my friend with his trusty van, which marked the end of this remarkable journey on two wheels. From Albury, we set our sights on Woolongong, eager to cheer on the World Champion, Reeeemmco, in the 2023 World Championships.

The All-Road had proven its mettle, exceeding all expectations and becoming a true companion on this unforgettable expedition. As I watched the World Championships unfold, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of pride for the bike that had carried me through such a remarkable adventure.

The Melbourne to Albury ride had showcased the All-Road's prowess and versatility, and I was left in awe of its performance. This bike design had surpassed our wildest dreams, and it's safe to say that the All-Road is ready to tackle any challenge thrown its way, making it the ultimate companion for both seasoned cyclists and intrepid adventurers alike. So, saddle up, and let the All-Road lead you on a journey of a lifetime!