What started as a social ride has now become a social business. Wondercross began life as a multi disciplinary ride built around people, roads, gravel & trails. These four pillars are now stamped into every product we design and build to remind us of our beginnings. With a focus on education and a no one left behind attitude, the ride was set up to encourage people to go further than perhaps they once thought possible. Now, like the riders who have followed us it is time for Wondercross to evolve and to push ourselves further. It was time to design and build what we needed to make the ride, the people and the places around us even better.

A bike is greater than the sum of it's parts 

Even for us within the bike industry the process of finding the 'right' bike and equipment for adventure can be a daunting process. What sort of riding do you want to do? Geometry, fit, wheel size? Overwhelm can quickly set in. We have watched this for years and wanted to offer an adaptable and sustainable option that empowers the rider to flex these options with the same equipment as their needs and desires change.

We are for the people not the podium

As a nexus for people and personal adventure we aim to offer guidance towards and partner with products that are ethically produced and can be trusted. We are committed to operating in a sustainable way that leaves no carbon footprint, only tyre tracks. Our products are built to be adaptable and long lasting, specifically designed to continue to carry our customers on adventures, perhaps further again than once thought possible.